The Kromski Minstrel is a traditional Castle style wheel. The true definition of a Castle wheel is simply a wheel where the flyer, orifice and mother of all are located in direct position above the drive wheel in a tall, castle-like fashion. In this sense, many modern wheels are essentially a Castle wheel. This beautiful Kromski work of art, however, offers the compact, vertical   orientation of today’s modern wheels without sacrificing the Olde World elegance and refinement that we are famous for delivering in our products.


Equipped with an 18” diameter wheel, the Minstrel is indeed capable of delivering a full wheel impact without demanding the full wheel real estate. With the orifice being located directly above the wheel and consequently, the treadles, many spinners find this arrangement to be more comfortable to spin on than one where the orifice is off-set to the treadle.

The Minstrel is a double treadle wheel bursting with detailed, handcrafted wood turnings and can be adjusted to operate in either double drive mode or single drive mode with Scotch tension. The optional distaff easily attaches for spinners requiring assistance with longer staple-length fibers, such as flax or hemp. Add this charming yet multi-functional wheel to your archive today and delight yourself with thoughts of yesteryear every time you spin!


Jumbo Flyer kits expand the spinners range in two ways. First, the type of yarn created can vary from lace-weight to super bulky art yarn because of the larger orifice on the jumbo flyer. Subsequently, the jumbo bobbin allows spinners twice the  capacity of the regular Kromski bobbin.  A regular Kromski bobbin already offers 50% greater space than most standard bobbins in the industry with a generous 4.2 ounce capacity.  Jumbo bobbins double that, essentially allowing you to spin two regular bobbins worth without a bobbin change!!  This means longer, continual drafts for skeins with greater yardage.

Kromski Spinnrad "Minstrel"

Kromski Spinnrad "Minstrel"




Im Lieferumfang enthalten:

+ Threading Hook

+ 3 bobbins (120g/4.2oz capacity)

+ Spinning Wheel Oil


Optionales Zubehör:

+ Travel Bag

+ Jumbo flyer

+ Elastic driving band

+ Jumbo bobbin

+ Great Jumbo Flyer Set

+ Slow whorl


Technische Details:

+ Beautiful European Alder and Birch wood

+ Wheel Diameter : 45 (18 inches)

+ Orifice Circumference : 10mm (3/8 in.)

+ Standard Whorl Ratios: 6.5, 8.5, 12 and 16:1

+ Additional jumbo whorl with 4.5:1 ratio available

+ Durable leather bearing on front maiden

+ Sturdy brass bearings at wheel hub

+ Hushed plastic bearings in bobbins

+ Single Drive with Scotch Tension or Double Drive

+ Double Treadle

+ Built-In Lazy Kate (2 bobbin capacity)

+ Total Wheel weight : 5.5kg (12 lbs)

+ Optional Distaff Available


+ In verschiedenen Ausführungen:

+ unlackiert

+ klar lackiert

+ lackiert in Walnuss/dunkel

+ lackiert in Mahagoni/rötlich


Kromski Spinnrad "Sonata"

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